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Drostanolone Enanthate Driada Medical Drostargos 200

Drostanolone Enanthate Driada Medical Drostargos 200 is an anabolic anrogenic steroid, which is very difficult to find and is considered one of the best of all drugs of this type.

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Drostanolone Enanthate Driada Medical Drostargos 200 is an anabolic anrogenic steroid, which is very difficult to find and is considered one of the best of all drugs of this type. This drug stops the development of estrogenic properties, because of this, it can be very useful for your purposes, while almost without causing side effects. Previously, this drug was used in the fight against breast cancer and it successfully coped.

Infos about Drostanolone Enanthate Driada Medical Drostargos 200:

Drostanolone Enanthate Driada Medical Drostargos 200 based on dihydrotestosterone (DHT). At the same time, “DHT” was changed in structure. In the structure added a methyl group that stops the metabolic destruction of the hormone. Also increases the anabolic nature of the product. And besides, enanthate is not a steroid component, it is only a tool to extend the time of action of the product.

Drostanolone Enanthate features:

Drostanolone Enanthate Driada Medical Drostargos 200 will help you get rid of stubborn fat, which is deposited in the body. Also, the drug gives you more strength without gaining more muscle mass.

The fact is that the drug will not help you gain muscle mass. For this you need to combine with other drugs. Driada Medical Drostargos 200 can prevent the appearance of negative effects in other drugs.

Side effects from Drostanolone Enanthate

This drug has a small number of weak side effects. Men most often do not show side effects, or they are very weak. Women should use the product in a small dosage, if you take too much, it can be caused by virilization. Do not ignore the symptoms and be careful. Use drostargos carefully selecting the dosage.

Basically, most of the side effects are due to the androgenic part of the drostargos. It can be:

  •  acne;
  •  baldness;
  •  unwanted body and facial hair;

Side effects can be mitigated if you take a smaller dose. People predisposed to baldness are more vulnerable. The main disadvantage of the drug is that baldness remedies do not help.

Side effects (in women at high dosage):

  •  voice change;
  •  сlitoris enlargement;
  •  unwanted body and face hair;

Women need to be careful using Driada Medical Drostargos 200. You may be more sensitive to side effects. If any symptom occurs, stop using the product. So you can stop the symptoms. If you continue to take drostargos, the undesirable effects may become irreversible.

Cardiovascular system:

Watch the level of cholesterol. It is important. The drug can reduce the level of good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol. Usually the changes are not serious, but this needs to be monitored. Check your cholesterol levels before and after using the drug. Driada Medical Drostargos 200 can affect blood pressure, but this is rare. Stick to a healthy diet that contains omega fats. Less sugar and saturated fats. There should be a lot of cardio in the training program so that your heart is in good health.

Driada Medical Drostargos 200 effect on the liver:

Driada Medical Drostargos 200 does not disrupt the liver and does not cause stress for it.

Driada Medical Drostargos 200 reduces the production of estrogen. But at the same time with a large dosage, gynecomastia (water retention) may appear. When using drostargos, you do not need to take anti-estrogenic drugs. But when combined, you may need to add a product that can compensate for the estrogens of other drugs in combination.

Driada Medical Drostargos 200 suppresses the natural production of testosterone. Men are also recommended to take testosterone so that the level does not decrease much. It may take time or hormone therapy to restore testosterone production.

After the drostargos cycle, the natural production of testosterone will resume if it has not been too low. It may take several months to fully heal. Time can be reduced by taking testosterone.

Before using the drug, you should check the level of testosterone and the rate of its production. If your testosterone is low, you need to increase it. If you take steroids incorrectly, this can lead to serious consequences.

Drostanolone Enanthate Driada usage:

  1. Recommended dosage (for men):
  2. 300-400 mg/week. It is necessary to distribute from 3 to 4 injections for the whole week.
  3. Recommended cycle: six to twelve weeks.
  4. When your body reacts calmly to the drug, you can increase the dosage by 100 mg / week.
  5. Recommended dosage (for women):
  6. 100-200 mg/week

But we do not recommend taking drostargos for women, we advise you to choose another drug.

Driada Medical Drostargos 200 storage:

Store in original packaging and away from children and four-legged friends, at room temperature.

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