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Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa

Driada “Hexos” (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate).This steroid has very strong androgenic and anabolic properties.


Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa for sale.

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa has very strong androgenic and anabolic properties. The anabolic effect of this drug is very similar to testosterone or another anabolic steroid called dinabolin. It is necessary to mention the main difference between these substances: Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa doesn’t convert to estrogen in body. This product is considered stronger than testosterone and works more successfully. The other priority of this drug is following: it enhances appetite and turns much food that you eat not to fat but to muscles.

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa works closely with glucocorticoid receptors. It initiates protein synthesis in the body thereby turning protein into muscle.

One of functions of this product is to block making of endogenous androgens.

Administration of Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa:

This preparation comes in form of ampoules. We recommend using the drug only when exercising. This drug will help you gain muscle mass in a very short time. This drug is very popular among athletes because of its high efficiency. The drug does not cause water retention and gynecomastia as it does not secrete estrogen. Hexos also accelerates the burning of fat in the body.

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa dosage

A common recommended dosage of Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa is 37-75 mg daily. Increase the dosage gradually, do not do it unnecessarily! In case you overdose this medicine, you may have got severe unwanted consequences. Female should not utilize Hexos more than 50 mg per day. From the very beginning, the dosage should be 25 mg. Only after a time of use, you can increase the dose.  If you administrate this medicine injectioanlly, you should administrate the medication not every day, but every other day. This drug is most often injected into the buttocks. It turned out to be the most common place for injection.

Usage for Driada Medical Tren Hexa

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa, as other drugs, can cause some adverse results. Probable adverse effects of Hexos can lead to virilising, androgenic and hepatotoxic adverse symptoms. Female that use this drug can have such virilising effects, as deepening of the voice, clitoral engorgement, increased hair growth on the face and legs (hirsutism), menstrual disorders, induced aggression, and male pattern hair loss on the scalp.

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa negative effects:

  •  oily skin;
  •  acne;
  •  hair growth on the body and face;
  •  hair loss of the male type;

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa can lead to kidney disfunction. Be careful and take tests while using the drug! You should know that side effects can become irreversible.

It is necessary to understand that a lot of side symptoms caused by using this product are irreversible. That’s why find out everything about Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa, check personal physical condition and then you can make a good decision.

Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa cycles depend on different conditions. You should start from these factors:

  •  what goal you pursue;
  •  your weight;
  •  Your gender;
  •  individual characteristics of the organism;

Basically, athletes inject 3 ampoules per week. Combine Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa with dinabolyn or anavaros if you need to get more energy and quality muscle size. If you use too much of this product, you can earn liver disease. To avoid side effects, we recommend drinking 1.5/2 liters of water. Bodybuilders usually have their own cycle of use. Their cycle lasts a month and injections are administered 1-2 times a day.

Markets are full of different fake drugs. Before you buy the drug Hexos Driada Medical Tren Hexa, make sure of the authenticity. You must know that there many underground labs which manufacture different counterfeited preparations. They manufacture fake Hexos too. It turns out that the description on the package is not true. On the black market, you can find both a real product and a fake. Be careful.

There are negative and positive reviews of taking Hexos.

Let observe some of them.

Athletes using perparat gave their comments. As a result, there were both effects.. The muscles were very strong. But there were such negative effects: insomnia, strong sweating. But there were also consumers who used a combination of hexos with other drugs. Their muscles got bigger every day and their strength increased. There were no negative effects. There were slight effects like aggression and indigestion.

Some consumers have written that they suffered of the following severe side result: sexual disorder. Many athletes who used the drug confirmed the negative effect on the kidneys. In addition, the urine darkened.

Tren Hexa storage:

Store Tren Hexa at room temperature away from moisture and high temperature.

Chemical structure of the drug: 17-beta-hydroxiestra-4, 9-11-trien-3-one.
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