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Ibutamoren MK-677 Driada Medical


Ibutamoren MK-677 Driada Medical is an innovative tool for pharmacological support of the training process. 

In fitness and bodybuilding Ibutamoren is used to stimulate anabolism and improve the composition of tissues. It is effective during the period of body-building, during definition of relief and in preparation for competitions. Improves energy metabolism. Contributes to the growth of endurance and peak strength. Simulates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, converts muscles to fuel from fatty acids, helps get rid of excess fat, even against the background of errors in the diet.

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Important: The action of the drug Ibutamoren MK-677 Driada Medical long lasting. The duration of stimulation of Growth Hormone secretion is up to 8 hours!

Another reason to buy Ibutamoren is its ability to reduce the possibility of injury. Ibutamoren increases bone mineral density, strengthens ligaments, tendons and joints.

Safe: it does not inhibit testosterone synthesis. Does not increase estrogen levels.

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