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Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical


Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical Benefits

  • Anti-aging: collagen production and wrinkle reduction
  • Increase of lean muscle mass and muscle growth
  • Accelerated recovery time from exercising, weight lifting and physical activity
  • Improvement in cellular repair and regeneration
  • Increase of energy, the immune system and overall wellness
  • Improvement in bone strength and bone mineral density composite
  • Higher metabolic rate and improved circulation resulting in body fat reduction
  • Improvement in sleep cycle, resulting in heightened mood and energy

Usage for Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical

Growth hormones are frequently released and more abundant in children. When humans begin to age, the production of growth hormones decelerates and lessens gradually over time. The use of Ipamorelin can encourage these growth hormones to be created and released regularly.

Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical is used to help increase growth hormone production, which can assist in the reduction of body fat, enhancement of lean muscle mass, improvement of sleep, and increase of energy and over all wellness.

Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical is mostly used for collagen production, wrinkle reduction, acceleration of healing and recovery, and enhancement of mood and sleep; therefore being a peptide that is sought after for it’s anti-aging benefits.

Peptide Mechanism of Action

The function of Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical is to mimic ghrelin. The hormone ghrelin, discovered in 1999, has extreme effects on metabolism, restraining stored fat breakdown, and most importantly gherlin performs to regulate growth hormone release from the pituitary gland.

Ipamorelin 2mg Driada Medical fastens to ghrelin receptors on the pituitary gland, activating them identically to the way ghrelin naturally would. The activation of these receptors work collectively with no effect on the rest of the body’s hormones.

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