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Myostan YK-11 Driada Medical


Myostan YK-11 Driada Medical is a muscle-building product that speeds up the process of building muscle. This is one of the latest products on the market. For the purpose of simplicity, it is often classified as SARM (selective androgen receptor modulators). But it is not a SARM in and of itself. Like this group, it interacts with, but does not affect, the androgen receptors.

Actually, it is a myostatin inhibitor (it reduces its activity in the body). Myostatin is a protein that is responsible for suppressing muscle growth by preventing the formation of the new muscle fibers and decreasing the rate of synthesis of protein. Our body’s level of the protein not only defines the genetic limit, but it also influences the rate of new muscle gain.

Myostan YK-11 Driada Medical Benefits:

Accelerates muscle building, strengthens bones and increases genetic limit.

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