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Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP


Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP is a highly anabolic and moderately androgenic steroid and for this reason it has moderate side effects. For those people who are conscious of developing side effects after using steroids, nanphenylos will help you achieve your muscle building dreams without feeling the pain of side effects.

Most people who use steroids use it for the development of muscles and increase in strength. This is the main reason why it is popular amongst athletes of all kind. Durabolin is an option for anyone who wants to look and feel good about himself, since the side effects will not show as fast as if you are using other steroids.

Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP usage

Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP is used for the treatment of anemia since it promotes the development of red blood cells. Users who have made use of nanphenylos have reported an increase in the number of red blood cells after several medical tests. Nanphenylos does so by activating the components that produce red blood cells. As for the patients who have suffered from muscle wasting diseases like aids, nanphenylos has been used to give them a new lease of life. In the first stages of muscle wasting in aids and other diseases, Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP has been used to reverse the effects and give the patient the strength to go ahead with normal activities.

NPP report

Athletes who have used nanphenylos have reported fat loss in their bodies and the increase in aggressiveness for any sport. The importance of aggressiveness cannot be gainsaid when it comes to athletics as it will affect the rate at which one trains and the attitude one will have in any game. This is directly related to the amount of energy you will have in your muscles at the time of any match. Only when you are aggressive will you be in your best shape and nanphenylos assures you of aggressiveness since it increases the number of serotonergic amines.

Nanphenylos 100 effects

Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP gives to the user more endurance in the training sessions; which is of great advantage. You may get tired after much exercising but you have not been able to reach your goals. The feeling of tiredness overtakes you because of the presence of lactic acid in the muscles. Nanphenylos helps to clear this lactic acid so that you are able to exercise for longer sessions and increase the capacity of your muscles. This is the reason athletes prefer durabolin. It is however not popular amongst people who want to lose weight as the fat loss with nanphenylos is only minimal.

Even though the side effects of using nanphenylos are rare, we can not say that they are not there. Long term use of nanphenylos will lead to the development of male breast tissues which can be a steroid lover’s party pooper. While you were looking to show off your lean muscles to all who care to notice, you may not be able to do so because of the breast tissue development. Luckily, this can be dealt with as well by the use of anti-estrogen components.


Store Nanphenylos 100 Driada Medical NPP at room temperature away from moisture and high temperature.

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