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Ostarine Mk2866 Driada Medical


Ostarine Mk2866 Driada Medical, aka Ostamuscle, is a SARM, a selective androgen receptor modulator.  As the name implies, these agents bind only to androgen receptors. These receptors are present mainly in muscle and bone, so SARM causes far fewer side effects than steroids or hormones.

Clinical trials conducted on people with severe burns, cancer, end-stage renal failure, osteoporosis, and hypogonadism have confirmed the anabolic effects of Ostarin on muscle and bone.

Ostarine Mk2866 Driada Medical Increasing muscle strength and mass:

Because the main purpose of MK-2866 synthesis was to stop the diseases that cause muscle loss, Ostarin has excellent anabolic properties. Most people seem to think that Ostamuscle is only suitable for weight loss, but this is simply not true. There are dozens of testimonials online from people who have used Ostarin and gained significant amounts of muscle mass.

The ability of MK-2866 to build muscle has also been confirmed by numerous clinical studie.

In this study, a group of older people took 3 mg of Ostarin for 12 weeks. As a result, all participants recorded an improvement in physical condition and a simultaneous increase in muscle mass and loss of body fat. Individuals in the group who took 3 mg daily gained an average of 1.3 kg (2.8 pounds) of lean muscle mass and lost 0.6 kg (1.3 pounds) of fat.

In another study, 159 cancer patients were divided into 2 groups who took 1 and 3 mg of MK-2866 for 4 months, respectively. Both groups reported similar results to the first study, with no side effects.

Ostarine Mk2866 Driada Medical loss of fat tissue:

The most popular target for athletes to use Ostarine. As a rule, in a chronic caloric deficit, we lose not only fat but also muscle tissue. Because of its unique properties, MK-2866 protects muscle under adverse conditions, so when we are overweight we lose almost only fat. Moreover, as we have seen in the studies mentioned above, Ostarin itself accelerates fat loss in the body.

Improved Bone Health:

As we age, bone density decreases as a result of decreased levels of sex hormones. This often leads to bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Because bones also have androgen receptors, Ostarin reverses this process and speeds healing after fractures.

Mk2866 Protects the heart:

A clinical study conducted in 120 patients who received 1mg or 3mg of Ostarin per day showed the positive effects of MK-2866 on the cardiovascular system. All participants in the study noted reductions in bad cholesterol and HDL triglyceride levels.

Ostarine Increases insulin sensitivity:

In the study mentioned above, Ostarin also lowered the average blood glucose levels of the subjects, thereby increasing their insulin sensitivity. It is worth noting that insulin sensitivity is important not only in terms of our health, but also in terms of athletic performance – insulin is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones.

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