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S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical

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S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical belongs to a group of agents called SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). These agents are known to have a selective effect on androgen receptors, resulting in far fewer side effects than anabolic steroids or hormones.

So far, studies have confirmed S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical ability to increase strength and accelerate muscle mass building without androgenic side effects. This substance has also made it possible to burn fat tissue much faster. Moreover, during the use of this drug, prostate reduction was observed, which is great news for people with this problem.

S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical Benefits:

Aids in building lean body mass.

S23 is one of the most powerful atypical pneumocardiacs currently available on the market. It allows you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, so that even with an excess of calories, you will experience more of a recombination instead of your typical mass.

Results from studies on rats show that S23 simultaneously reduces fat and total body weight.

Scientists also gave the rats estrogens to induce sexual activity and see if they would lose muscle mass as a result. Instead of the expected results, the rats that received S23 gained additional muscle tissue while displacing the effects of estrogen.

Studies have also shown that S23 can prevent glucocorticoid-induced muscle damage. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, the chronic use of which reduces muscle tissue. SARM prescription counteracts the adverse effects of glucocorticoids by increasing muscle mass and improving strength and endurance.

S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical Improves Strength and Durability.

S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical testers report significant improvements in strength and endurance in the first weeks of the cycle.

Increased endurance means you can train longer and harder, which leads to better training results.

Remember that regardless of the substances used, training and diet always play a key role. SARMs or steroids are only a tool that makes it much easier to achieve the results you want.

Can act as a contraceptive for men.

There is a lot of research going on around the world to find oral contraceptives. S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical is one of the candidates on which pharmaceutical companies have been paying increasing attention in recent months.

Studies on rats show that it can temporarily block the hormones responsible for signaling sperm production, LH and FSH.

Current results show that the results are temporary and that once the drug is discontinued, sperm production returns to its baseline value within a short period of time.

However, if you want to try it, you should pay special attention to choosing the right dosage. Studies on rats show that people who took much higher doses than usual had normal or higher than baseline sperm production.

Does not cause increased water retention.

According to user reviews, S23 does not cause water retention. This means that with proper nutrition and PCT, you can maintain 100% of your weight after the cycle. Also, as is widely known, increased water retention has a negative effect on aesthetics – especially on the face.

Increases libido in women.

This effect is currently being studied only in cases of decreased libido caused by menopause. The problem is known as hypoactive sex drive disorder (HSDD) and is usually treated with testosterone. Unfortunately, this type of therapy can have side effects, such as a lowered voice or an enlarged clitoris.

Unlike testosterone, S23 improves libido without the androgenic side effects.

S23 (Mastorin) Driada Medical Full muscles.

Not only does this substance increase muscle hardness, but it also improves muscle appearance. During the cycle, you can experience dry mass effects similar to Anavar or Trenbolone. For this reason, it is often used in competition preparations. (It is currently on the WADA list, so it cannot be used by professionals).

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