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S4 (Andarine) Driada Medical


S4 (Andarine) Driada Medical, also known as S4, belongs to the SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) group. It is one of the oldest substances of this type (the first generation of SARMs).

S4 (Andarine) Driada Medical is very often compared to Winstrol or Anavar. This is because, like the substances listed above, it allows you to achieve a “pre-strength physique” – dry, loaded, aesthetic muscle, giving the illusion of a lower body fat percentage.

However, unlike Winstrol, Andarine does not cause significant side effects thanks to SARMs.

SARMs only bind to androgen receptors, which are found mainly in muscles and bones. Androgen receptors play a very important role in building muscle tissue. The sex hormones that give anabolic effects connect to them. To a large extent, it is their quantity and sensitivity in our body that determines our ability to build muscle.

Due to the selective action of SARM side effects are much weaker than those of steroids or hormones (but in the case of some substances they still occur).

S4 (Andarine) Driada Medical Benefits:

Dry Body – Like Winstrol or Anavar, S4 (Andarine) Driada Medical gives excellent “muscle fullness” from the first week. It makes an optical impression on several percent of the lower body and makes the veins more visible.

Muscle Mass Gain – Andarin is one of the strongest SARMs in terms of anabolic strength. It gives fast and high quality weight gain in a relatively short period of time (the effect is visible after about 3 weeks of use).

Big Strength: Thanks to its androgenic activity it gives a big increase in strength. The effect is noticeable after 2-4 weeks of use.

Increased bone density – Primary use of andarin. By interacting with androgen receptors in the bones, S4 (Andarine) Driada Medical increases bone density. This benefit is especially important for the elderly and those at increased risk of fractures.

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