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Stenobolic SR-9009 Driada Medical


Stenobolic SR-9009 Driada Medical is usually classified for simplicity as SARM (Selective Modulators of the Androgen Receptor), although it is actually an agonist of REV-ERB. 

REV-ERB is a protein found mainly in adipose tissue, liver, muscle and brain. It affects the circadian rhythm of these tissues, commonly known as the “biological clock. This rhythm is defined as a series of patterns occurring in our body during each day.

Stenobolic SR-9009 Driada Medical was created to combat sarcopenia, the age-related destruction of skeletal muscle by the body.

One animal study showed that in addition to increasing muscle mass and strength, stenobolic also affects their circadian rhythm, which intrigued scientists.

In animal studies, Stenobolic SR-9009 Driada Medical also improved stamina in mice while reducing anxiety, inflammation and cholesterol levels. Mice that were given the stenobolic run longer were better able to concentrate.

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