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Turinadyn 10 mg (Turinabol)

Turinadyn Draida Medical 10 mg (Turinabol) is a steroid that is utilized by mouth. Turinadin has powerful anabolic and insignificant androgenic abilities.


Turinadyn Draida Medical 10 mg (Turinabol) is a steroid that is utilized by mouth. Turinadin has powerful anabolic and insignificant androgenic abilities.

Turinadyn Draida Medical 10 mg (Turinabol) is used chiefly by athletes to increase lean muscle mass. Athletes want to get a beautiful body with strong muscles and at the same time without retained water. With this goal, our product will help. Turinadyn improves appetite and your endurance. Athletes using the drug do not face fatigue after training. The medication begins to work very quickly. In the beginning, the drug shows an increase in energy and endurance, after a time of use, there is an increase in muscle and mass. The medicine is used in cycles for cutting and pumping.

The drug is also used in medicine. It is used for people suffering from delayed puberty. Turinadyn is also applied by patients with human immunodeficiency virus in case of muscular atrophy.

Turinadyn Draida Medical 10 mg (Turinabol) dosage:

to understand the dosage you need, consider your weight, your gender and the reaction of such drugs to your body. On average, the dosage is 100 mg / day. And use for six weeks. Even if you use the drug in combination with others that need to be used longer, you need to stop the turinadyn cycle. For women bodybuilders, the average dosage is 10 mg / day. A formula was created to calculate the dosage:

  • 0.4 x kilograms (your weight) x days = count of tablets.

Unwanted symptoms of Turinabol:

  • Unexpected results caused by turinadyn hinge upon sex, quantity and length of administration of the drug.

Negative Turinabol effects like gynecomastia, water retention and hypertension have been seen very rarely. Regardless of gender, athletes notice a loss of libido. This product is oral, so it passes through the liver.. Turinadyn is considered to be liver-toxic. Your liver may not react well to the drug. It can cause liver failure or death as a result. We recommend eating food that reduces liver toxicity. The drug can lead to hormonal failure. In addition, it stops the natural production of testosterone. If this drug is administrated long period of time, body discontinues creating this hormone totally. All this can lead to severe side effects. Do not use the drug without certain methods of treatment. You should not continue to use it.

As it is known, this medication can reduce levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and induce levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels can be the reason of coronary disease. It can be life-threatening, if levels of high-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein are too increased or low.

Turinadin can also cause testicular cancer if this drug is taken long and a lot. Psychological

unexpected reactions may be manifested due to the drug:

  •  aggression,
  •  psychosis
  •  mania.

Female bodybuilders that use this medicine may experience common symptoms of

  • virilization:
  •  vocal changes,
  •  hair loss,
  •  increased growth of hair on the body and face,
  •  increase in the clitoris.

Women therefore need to be taken with extreme caution. The dosage should be much less than in men. As for the duration of use. If you follow the rules, it will reduce the efficiency and size of the muscles.

Warnings linked with administration of turinadyn.

Consumers that are allergic to an ingredient of this medication should not take it. You are prohibited from using the product if you have:

  •  prostate cancer;
  •  breast cancer;
  •  cardiovascular diseases;
  •  сhronic liver dysfunction;

Well, of course if you are pregnant too.

Usually, athletes combine the product with others to cause positive effects.

Turinadyn Draida Medical effective to take:

  1.  50 mg of turinadyn per day,
  2.  228 mg of hexos per week
  3.  150 mg of winstrolad per week.

This stack is also an excellent remedy for persons whose body fat content has become reduced due to certain diets or intake of such fat burning medications, as liothymed, clenbutos and others.  This combination helps to develop certain and full-fledged muscles.

Turinabol storage:

Store Turinabol away from children and four-legged friends, at room temperature.

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